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FAQ – Vancouver English Tutor

Our Vancouver English Tutor, Kathy Rastar, is often asked questions by parents and students. Here are some common questions with answers:

Q: How long will it take for my child to move from ESL to the regular English stream?

A: It varies from student to student. It depends on how hard the student is willing to work and their aptitude. Our ESL tutor can make the student work harder by giving him/her more homework and using strong, results-oriented encouragement.

Q: I only need English/ ESL tutoring so that I can successfully take the TOEFL and IELTS exam. Do you provide tutoring just for these English exams?

Yes, absolutely! We help tutor children, teens and adults so they improve their English language skills. Our tutoring services extend to students of all ages who are looking for TOEFL tutor, IELTS tutor and Cambridge exam tutor in Vancouver BC.

Q: Do you offer tutoring in other languages other than English?

Yes. Our lead tutor is fluent in both Spanish and French. We offer tutoring services to those looking for a Spanish language tutor and/or a French language tutor in Vancouver BC.

Q: Where does the tutoring take place?

A: At your home, usually. Our Vancouver English tutor covers Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond, BC and work 7 days a week. See our Services page.

Q: Will I need books?

A: You may or may not need books depending on what your goals are and what you want to achieve. During the initial free tutoring services consultation, your tutor will assess your son/daughter’s English Level and advise you what is required to reach your goal. If books aren’t required, your English Solutions Vancouver tutor will supply the materials needed. If they are required, the tutor will recommend what books to buy and where to buy them from.  Here are some great books to read to improve your English. 

Q: How are you different from other Vancouver English Tutors?

A: As a Vancouver English tutor, I have had several years of experience in ESL Tutoring, and have significant understanding about various Asian cultures and my field of expertise. Our tutor has extensive experience dealing with Asian speakers and has taught in Asia. English Solutions Vancouver is very goal-oriented and strives to give all our tutoring services clients good value for their money. See Kathy’s ESL tutoring qualifications and teaching certification.

Q: What are your tutoring fees?

A: English Solutions Vancouver tutors discuss fees with our tutoring clients during the free initial tutoring services consultation at their home. Tuition is $50 per hour [and up]. Sessions for children grade 3 and under are 1.5 hours, and sessions for students in grade 4 or higher are 2 hours.

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