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Tutors for Special Needs Children Vancouver

English Solutions Vancouver offers daytime and after-school tutoring for autistic children or those with learning disabilities.

Kathy has had experience working with students facing various challenges in Special Needs classrooms in Vancouver Schools.

Kathy has taught students having mild autism, ADHD, and those with reading difficulties. During her practicum in Kitsilano Secondary school, she worked with educational psychologist Dorothy Ross who designed and launched “The Rewards Program”, a special curriculum designed to assist students having difficulties concentrating, absorbing, and retaining the materials they read. In this class, Kathy assisted the educational psychologist with classroom management while ensuring that students are on task and are participating and gaining full benefits from the class. This program was designed to help them stay focused and test their comprehension skills. In addition, Kathy has helped a homeroom teacher of a Special Needs class at a school manage students faced with a variety of learning challenges. At University Hill Secondary School, she worked with Karen Freed who had a classroom of gifted and challenged students with a variety of academic issues. She gave all those students personalized attention. In addition, Kathy has tutored students coming from dysfunctional family backgrounds with psychological problems such as self-esteem and has enabled them to overcome or deal with their challenges by making sure they are completing their schoolwork properly and remaining on task.

She has also helped new immigrants adapt to the local culture by counselling and advising them on relevant issues. In order for them to ensure that they make a smooth transition into Canadian society. Kathy is very patient and sensitive to the needs of different students. She adapts her teaching style and the pace of every class to suit the learning ability of each individual student.

Tutors for special needs children Vancouver. Our tutoring service areas include Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby, BC. Rates start at $60/hour + GST.

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