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Settlement English Lessons Vancouver

New to Canada? We can help with Settlement English Lessons Vancouver

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Settlement English Lessons Vancouver can help make you more comfortable with important everyday tasks

It is always tough to move to a new country because there are so many things which are different and new, especially the language and the culture.

Kathy’s Settlement English classes Vancouver help new students learn to communicate with other in English in their daily lives. She offers survival English during these lessons, where she teaches students how to go grocery shopping, answer questions at customs and immigration, speak to their children’s teacher at school, go clothes shopping, order food at a restaurant, and order drinks at a coffee shop.

Kathy teaches settlement English using dialogues: listening and speaking exercises. She introduces new vocabulary using visuals such as pictures and flashcards.

Students commonly feel very confident about communicating with other people in society after taking her classes.

Settlement English classes start at $60/hour + GST.  English Solutions Vancouver serves Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond.

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