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Elementary Math Tutors Vancouver

It’s amazing the changes you can make to a child’s life with Elementary Math Tutors Vancouver

Elementary Math Tutors Vancouver

Help your child succeed with Elementary Math Tutors Vancouver

Have you noticed that your child is having a hard time learning to count?

Are they writing numbers down backwards?  Do they have a hard time telling time? Or are their grades slipping?

These are all signs that your child may be struggling with Math and you may want to consider getting Elementary Math Tutors Vancouver to help them.

Most kids like to learn about numbers, counting money, or telling you the time. But perhaps you’ve noticed that this isn’t the case with your child. Perhaps your child doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as they used to be or are getting frustrated when dealing with math. A tutor can really help to get your child through this stage. They can help diagnose the source of the problem and work with your child to get them through it.

Elementary Math Tutors Vancouver Can Help to Stimulate Learning

You may have noticed that your child’s grades are slipping in math. This isn’t necessarily a sign that your child is struggling. It could be a sign that they are bored and need more of a challenge. Often children are misdiagnosed with a math problem when in fact they are actually very smart and just need more stimulation. A tutor can help pinpoint what kinds of challenges your child is dealing with in order to narrow down the problem and offer a solution that will help the child succeed. Once a child improves they thrive in the learning environment.

Our tutor, Kathy Rastar, owner of English Solutions Vancouver, has over 20 years’ experience tutoring children. Kathy specializes in tutoring math to children in grades K-4. She will help your child build the skills for better understanding, increase their math knowledge and instil an enthusiasm for learning.

Our K-4 tutoring service rates start at $60/hour + GST. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your child’s needs.