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Corporate English Tutors Vancouver

on-site corporate English tutors in Vancouver

On-site Corporate English Tutors in Vancouver

At English Solutions, we provide on-site corporate English tutors in Vancouver for executives and company employees who require additional English Language training and accent correction. We custom design individual and group lessons to suit corporate clients.


Corporate English Tutors Vancouver – Who Can Benefit?

Our lessons and tutoring are suitable for executives, corporate presidents, and associates of foreign companies who would like to improve their English communication skills (listening and speaking). You’ll find our English tutors Vancouver are specialists in working with adults, especially those who are native Mandarin or Korean speakers.

English opens up doors and creates new opportunities. Our lessons aim to prepare employees with the English skills needed to increase confidence and gain workplace and professional success. Real-world English skills are applied in real-life situations. English tutoring Vancouver will concentrate on the essentials such as accent reduction, pronunciation, increased vocabulary, informal negotiations, and listening development, providing the highest level of English proficiency. We focus on underlying grammar, vocabulary and oral Intelligibility, giving executives and company employees the opportunity to excel in their careers. Instruction addresses both oral and written business communications, business correspondence, business reports and proposal writing, and reading specific to business requirements.

Our lessons and tutoring are customizable with vocabulary specific to your employees’ and executives’ needs. Our goal is to build their confidence in order to speak and understand the new language and enhance the daily use of the language in the work environment. We aspire to help in the development of a workforce and leadership that are armed to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive and globalized world.

Contact Kathy Rastar, owner of English Solutions Vancouver, to start on-site or in-home tutoring and improve your Corporate English Vancouver. Rates from $50 an hour + GST. Tutoring service areas include Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver.

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